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The Morning After: X, Men

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With Tuned In having been folded into TIME Entertainment, I’ve been trying to decide which of the old blog features do and don’t work in the new format—among them, The Morning After open-discussion posts for last night’s TV. But because I like having that option—and don’t have the time right now to post at more length—let’s give it a try.

The floor is yours, comments welcome in particular on: Man Up!, which I reviewed yesterday; Last Man Standing, still standing at ABC though the ratings were down last night; and The X Factor, which I swore off after around the 500th hour of auditions but will check in on soon now that it’s down to the finals. (Semi-finals? Semi-semi-finals?)

Also, feel free to weigh in on last night’s Presidential debate, which I’d also post on if I weren’t deadline-occupied. Have you had enough yet, Tuned Inland?