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The Morning After: Parenthood, Now With More Parenthood

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I will admit that, when it comes to Parenthood, I am part of the problem. It’s always occupied a spot with me where I’m warm to the show but not driven enough to watch it live every week and thus blog about it.

But I have to give NBC credit for sticking with the third season of a low-key, well-observed drama about people getting through ordinary people problems. Relatively ordinary, anyway. Last night’s “Nora” introduced—spoiler alert, but as the title hints—a new baby to the cast with the birth of Adam and Kristina’s baby; it also, I think, stretched believability with the subplot involving Julia talking her way into getting someone else’s baby. (Julia’s storylines have always been the weak spot of this show for me, however.) And I did love the early showdown moment for Zeek, brawlingest papa bear in Berkeley.

In all, though, I like how the storylines are coming together without becoming overly contrived on this show, and I really admire its dedication to the idea that—contrary to the title—growing up and maturing is a process that never really stops until you die. Any Tuned Inlanders still part of the Parenthood family?