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TV Tonight: Fringe

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A quick reminder that tonight is the return of Fringe, which more or less fully embraced the weirdness of its battle-between-the-mirror-universes story last season and lived to tell the tale. There’s not much I can say about tonight’s season premiere without spoiling where the show leaves the resolution of last season’s finale—in which Peter’s step to bridge the chasm between the parallel worlds appears to have negated his existence—and I’ll use that as a handy excuse, since I don’t have time for a full review anyway. Suffice it to say that tonight’s return does some interesting things with the uneasy co-existence of the two worlds and of each member of the Fringe Division with their counterparts. (Note to Ringer: this is how you do “twin” scenes.)

So I’ll leave this post here for your discussion after the premiere. Best or worst of both worlds?