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The Morning After: Cummings and Returnings

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You know the drill: too many season debuts, not enough time. Here’s your space to offer your morning-after critiques of the various premieres, returns and other TV shows of Thursday night, including:

* the season premieres of Community (haven’t yet watched) and Parks and Recreation (solid, but what did you think?)

* the CBS debuts, including The Big Bang Theory, which is not my cup of primordial soup but gets much higher ratings than the preceding

* FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Archer

* the pilot of Person of Interest, which I shared my thoughts about yesterday

* the debut of Charlie’s Angels, ’70s TV by way of Nikita, with dialogue as awkward as running in six-inch-heels; and Prime Suspect, which I liked better but seems too procedural at heart to bring me back weekly

* the second night of X Factor, which I plan to steer clear of until auditions are over

* and the premiere of NBC’s Whitney, which I would sum up as an unmarried King of Queens with Whitney Cummings in the Kevin James role, but it’s not really fair to King of Queens. I haven’t heard much praise out there for this show, so I’m especially interest to hear any contrarian takes. Who wants to stand up for Whitney? And how did it compare to her other new sitcom, 2 Broke Girls?