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TV Tonight: Season 7 of Sunny and an Archer Bonus

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Consider this more a public service announcement than a review (I’ve been too busy with fall pilots to get through all the screeners), but FX’s Thursday comedy block returns tonight, a week before NBC’s does. Starting off is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; in the premiere, Frank (Danny DeVito) falls for the tender ministrations of a hooker, but I particularly liked the following episode, which takes on the Jersey Shore (the place more so than the show) and introduces one of the more creative ways of consuming alcohol I have ever encountered.

Costar Rob McElhenny gained 50 pounds for this season of Sunny. FX’s Archer, meanwhile, has added weight to its ambition, returning with a three-parter that picks up with Sterling missing after the death of his fiancee. So far I’ve only watched part one, but I continue to be impressed with how Archer manages to be a raunchy, gaspingly funny comedy as well as a half-decent spy action show. Archer returns for a full season in the winter, but for now, I’ll take whatever they’ll give us.