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The Morning After: Re-Redemption

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I originally started The Morning After posts on this blog a few years ago during fall premiere season, to give Tuned Inland a chance to discuss shows that premiered or returned the night before, shows I hadn’t gotten around to reviewing, or simply anything that was on TV last night worth talking about. Last night, for instance:

* I more or less got off the Survivor train a couple installments ago, as each season became about taking elements or cast members from previous seasons and recombining them in different configurations. This year’s Survivor: South Pacific, with the return of Redemption Island as well as Ozzy and Coach, will probably not be the one to suck me back in, but does anyone want to make the case for it?

* I reviewed the pilots of Up All Night and Free Agents yesterday; now you can tell me what you thought.

* I also advised you not to watch H8R, so I’m going to assume that a lot of you did anyway. Don’t blame me!

* And while I also admit to only occasionally watching America’s Got Talent this summer—I never really got over the trauma of the Smurf incident—last night, some Sinatra-style crooner beat out three other finalists, including what I am pretty sure was the entire population of one of the smaller American states. Did AGT get it right?