Top 10 Long-Running Movie Franchises

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2," will be one of 2011's highest-grossing films. TIME takes a look at other gargantuan film franchises.

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Just wanna make one thing perfectly clear, Zilla '98 (as I like to call it), AKA TriStar's unfaithful screw up adaptation, doesn't count as a Godzilla movie, it has nothing to do with Godzilla, only works as a stand-alone kaiju film, the fact that the monster in the movie has been officially, and legally, renamed "Zilla" makes it pretty clear it's not a Godzilla movie nor the Godzilla character, and the fact that the unfaithful adaptation's spot on the franchise has been officially replaced by Legendary's FAITHFUL adaptation, and the movie is not even out yet.