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Building a Better Tuned In: What Would You Like to See Here?

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I’m still on vacation (this is a robo-post, so I am writing on the assumption that an asteroid has not struck the Earth in the interim). But I thought the long holiday weekend would be a good time to crowdsource some ideas from you, the readers, for a Tuned In redesign that will hopefully happen later in the year. I don’t know all the details or the timing yet, but the Powers That Be have asked me what kinds of features, capabilities, bell-and-whistles &c I’d like added to the blog when it’s overhauled.

And frankly, you’re better equipped to answer that than me. If the sky were the limit—and since it’s not my money, I’ll assume it is!—what kind of improvements would you like to see added to Tuned In? I’m thinking less of the subject matter of my posts (though those suggestions always welcome too) than the kinds of improvements a redesign could add: organization of the site, interactivity, multimedia, formats that you like at other blogs you visit.

I can’t promise that we’ll make every change you suggest—again, not my money—but I can promise that we’ll read every suggestion. So, you be the web designer—how would you gut-renovate this baby if you had the chance?

Thanks in advance, and I’ll see you next week.