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The Morning After: Hoops Vs. Hoofers

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Finishing up a magazine story on deadline today, so I’ll leave to you to dissect a Sunday night of TV that pitted two big live events against each other: the NBA final and the Tony Awards. The latter delivered a big night for The Book of Mormon, perhaps giving more reason for fans to see South Park’s midseason finale as a sign that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are moving on to the next stage in their career. The show also provided Broadway its annual chance to offer a sampler of its wares for the audience outside New York City, showcased a ballad from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in which no one died, and treated us to a Neil Patrick Harris / Hugh Jackman dance and duet that included a rare Viva Laughlin joke. (For perhaps the only audience—the overlap of CBS viewers and musical-theater fans—who still remember what Viva Laughlin was.)

As for the NBA final—a little more outside my range of expertise. Feel free to mourn and/or mock LeBron and company in the comments.