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The Morning After: Shaken and Stirred

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In the middle of closing something for TIME’s second special issue within a week (a wedding and a funeral! it’s like a Hugh Grant comedy up in here!) so no time for a lengthy review of last night’s How I Met Your Mother, though I don’t think “The Perfect Cocktail” would have borne one out anyway. It’s not unusual for an HIMYM episode to be structured around a theme, but this one was practically a single extended running gag, and only a moderately funny one. (I can’t wait until we see the DVD deleted scenes about the effects of Sambuca!)

With the end of the season approaching, though, this is a good time to ask the HIMYM fans here how you feel about the year it’s had. For me, Barney’s arc—when the show remembers it—has been rewarding, but I can’t especially get invested in the Zoey relationship, and the comedy itself has been uneven.

Let us know what you think, and I’m going to try really hard not to think about how a cockamouse gets conceived.