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The Morning After: A Bite of Apple

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It’s going to be interesting seeing how the 15th season of South Park plays out, now that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are Broadway stars with The Book of Mormon. As it was, the past season or so have felt off, with more and more episodes devoted to parodies of cable reality shows or material–like a spoof of the Shake Weight–better suited to an SNL sketch. But “Human CentiPad” was a promising start. It took two premises that were not necessarily original in themselves (lampooning gross-out horror movies and making fun of the cult of Apple) and improved each by putting them together.

And, either by speed or by coincidence, they made it especially timely with reference to the controversy over Apple devices purportedly tracking their users’ location, a charge Steve Jobs just made headlines denying. Not the greatest South Park ever—nor one that I would recommend watching within two hours of a meal—but I will never look at the Apple User Agreement the same way again.