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So It Begins: The First 14 Minutes of Game of Thrones

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HBO aired the opening scenes of fantasy saga Game of Thrones last night (minus the highly impressive opening credits). I’ve now seen the first six episodes, and while I don’t want to review the show in dribs and drabs—a full writeup is coming next week—it looks stunning and does a great job fitting 10 pounds of novel into the 5-pound sack that is an hour-long HBO drama.

While you wait for my review, I’d be glad to take questions in the comments (to the extent I can give nonspoilery answers). But long story short, my 9 p.m. hour is firmly spoken for come April 17; I’ve watched (and in some cases rewatched) and am ravenous to see more. Now that you’ve seen this much, meanwhile, how does the adaption look to you so far?

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