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The Good Wife Watch: Alien Nation

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Quick spoilers for last night’s The Good Wife coming up:

We’re well into The Good Wife‘s second season, and at long last, the longest, most expensive and highest-profile State’s Attorney’s race that has ever been held is approaching its close. On top of that, the battle for control of Lockhart Gardner and Bond has ended (exit Bond), which means that the series has been looking to introduce new complications (see: Kalinda and Peter) and figure out where it goes next.

Eli’s daughter tells him, when he takes steps to help Natalie (America Ferrera) with her illegal-immigration case, that he has a pattern: he works through a “crush” in the closing days of a campaign, stepping in to rescue someone in order to feel better about the bad things he does to win. It may be “pop psychology,” as he says, but there was an overall feel, in “Killer Song,” of the series taking a breather and reflecting before moving on to the next complication.

The case of the week, over the murderer-rapist looking to capitalize on his past crimes through songwriting, was not one of The Good Wife’s strongest—it didn’t have either the moral or legal complexity of the show’s best cases—but it functioned more to suggest how Alicia and Kalinda’s working relationship may be complicated by the revelations about Kalinda’s past.

About which: I’ll have to see how this plays out, but I think I prefer Kalinda as a mysterious, commanding figure hiding secrets we may never fathom to Kalinda as a guilty, threatened figure hiding a secret that’s pretty similar to the last secret that hurt Alicia. That said, The Good Wife has pleasantly surprised me before, so tell me: what do you think of the show’s latest twists?