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The Morning After: That's What She Said

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I’m back in town, but as I’m catching up and working through several days’ Tivo backlog, I don’t expect to be doing a lot of morning-after reviewing this morning. I did, however, catch last night’s episode of The Office, which was unspectacular as an episode overall but did build to a delightful moment as (spoiler ahead)… Michael finally proposed to Holly.

The scene worked on a simple romantic level, but it also specifically played to Michael and Holly’s characters: his need to constantly stage-manage his life, her ability to both share his worldview (see the Yoda-speak proposal and acceptance) and yet help him to inhabit a reality beyond the self-directed movie playing in his head. Colorado, I expect, will be good for him.

As for the garage sale in “Garage Sale” itself, it produced some funny moments, but it was a little divorced from reality even by The Office’s recent standards. For instance, if this was a weekday, how could the entire Scranton branch essentially take a day off work? If it wasn’t a work day, why was everyone dressed in ties and business attire? Your explanations, or offers of magic beans, are welcome in the comments, and it’s good to be back.