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The Morning After: Who's Your Daddy?

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I’m in New Mexico for a couple of days: Santa Fe today to interview author George R. R. Martin about the adaptation of his novels into HBO’s Game of Thrones; tomorrow in Albuquerque for a set visit to the fourth season of Breaking Bad. So I was thwarted by the Mountain Time zone and missed last night’s live airing of How I Met Your Mother. (Maybe mountains are ready to watch primetime TV at 7 p.m.; this human is not.)

But having seen some spoilers online (TV critics—they’re just like us!), I know there were some big developments on HIMYM, so I’ll let you discuss those here while I catch up.

And as for those Charlie-Sheen-returning-to-CBS rumors: my current plan is to wait until when and if it actually happens to pay attention to it. At which point, I will go out, buy a nice new desk, and slam my forehead into it.