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The Morning After: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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I watched the opening arc of this season of Parks and Recreation several weeks ago, so my memory is a bit shaky, but “Ron and Tammy II” was for my taste a little broader and wackier than P&R at its absolute best. (Whereas Ben’s subplot as “Calzone Boy” was an excellent example of how well the show has been integrating and developing Adam Scott’s new character.) Also, I can hardly single out P&R for this, but I think “intervention” is a sitcom trope that needs to be at least temporarily retired (though it looks like we’re getting one on Community next week).

But look, I’m not made of stone: any episode that gives Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally a chance to get so utterly freaky—as long as it’s an occasional thing—is not going to get any major complaint from me. I’ll be writing more on P&R in the coming couple weeks, but in the meantime I figured Tuned Inlanders would like to weigh in on the most comically disturbing of NBC’s Valentine’s Day comedies last night. (Also, not going to get into details here, but here’s TV Squad on the possibly-mistaken promo that NBC ran last night.) Let down your cornrows and let us know what you thought.