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Snow Day Video Break; Plus, Media's Snowcabulary Challenged

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There’s a lot of snow where you are, right? You’ll have to excuse me; I live in New York City, so I assume that extreme weather events that affect me also affect and preoccupy everyone else in the rest of the world. That’s what morning news shows have taught me!

In any case, if you’re snowbound, or you’re not, you may enjoy the above video, from an upcoming episode of Onion News Network. Or you may enjoy this story from Mediaite, which notes that there have been so many major storms hitting major East Coast media hubs that the Today Show has run out of neologisms—sorry, neosnowgisms!—and called today’s, again, a “Snowpocalypse.” Which itself sounds like an Onion story.

Any suggestions for future snow-related taglines? If we have a couple more of these come February, I’d personally volunteer, “Snow for ___’s Sake.”