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The Good Wife Friends Mark Zuckerberg

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A fictional online-video site from The Good Wife. / CBS

For a show that’s watched by a lot of old people—I’m one of them, so relax—The Good Wife is extremely clued in to social-media technology. Seemingly every week includes a subplot involving Twitter, viral video or a social-media website of some sort. What’s more, it’s not just window dressing; the writers clearly think a lot about how these media affect law and politics today. (Though it can be amusing sometimes. Mrs. Tuned In and I have a running joke of imitating Alan Cumming darkly threatening, “Don’t tweet.”)

So it’s not surprising to see EW.com’s report that the show will air an episode in February, guest-starring Rita Wilson and F. Murray Abraham, inspired by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the movie The Social Network.

Just in case anyone accuses me otherwise, I in no way take this as a Good Wife endorsement of TIME’s Person of the Year choice. The timing with the Oscars, on the other hand, probably doesn’t hurt.