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The Morning After: Bristol and Dancing Beat Sarah and Skating

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The first part of Dancing with the Stars‘ finale drew huge ratings last night. Unsurprisingly, Skating with the Stars did not. Why? Because it’s skating.

Fine, I’ll elaborate. A celebrity can fake dancing on TV. You can use camera work and a professional feverishly hoofing it around a dud partner to create the illusion of two people competently dancing; the lay viewer may not notice the poor footwork. On the other hand, if you have someone simply not cut out for skating, that celeb is going to be reduced to stiffly sticking a leg out and getting pushed/pulled by his/her pro partner like a hockey stick. There are I’m sure other reasons people did not take to this cheesy production, but that’s a good start. (On the plus side: a ramp! The Olympics need a ramp!)

In other Palin-ratings news, Sarah Palin’s Alaska dropped sharply in its second airing to three million viewers, with an average age of 57, 15 years higher than the TLC average. Good news for Sarah: 57-year-olds vote. Bad news for TLC: they don’t count much for advertising dollars.