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Daily Show Reaches DC, Visits Juan Williams

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The Daily Show was dark last week, so its first chance to address the Juan Williams tempest came in the first of a week of shows from Washington, D.C. It made up for lost time, snarking that Williams had been fired for violating NPR’s “never say anything interesting” policy, then documenting Fox News’s theatrical counter-overreaction, in which, among other things, it was posited that NPR was an agent of “Jihadist inquisition.” (In getting into a battle with Fox, Stewart said, NPR had “brought a tote bag full of David Sedaris books to a knife fight.”) Maybe the best part of the segment, however, was Larry Wilmore and Aasif Mandvi reflecting on the joys of freaking out bigots in public.

At the same time, TDS began the walkup to Saturday’s Sanity rally by rounding up a half-dozen viewers to ride to D.C. on the “Sanity Bus.” With five days left to the big event, expect them to go crazy with the sanity for the rest of the week.