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The Morning After: Double Pleasure

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I had dreams of doing a longer writeup of last night’s excellent Fringe this morning, but looking at the clock and my schedule, that’s not going to happen. Rather than keep you waiting any longer, I’ll throw this post open to your discussion.

In general, I feel like Fringe is finally becoming the show I hoped it would be when it debuted two years ago, going all in with the weird-and-wonderful idea of the parallel universe and, in the process, really allowing Anna Torv to shine in the dual roles of the captured Olivia and the menacing Bolivia.

(I also like, by the way, that Torv’s Bolivia, who we’ll be seeing more of as the show switches between universes each episode, is not merely evil: there’s something almost appealing about the pleasure that she seems to get from her job, like a jock on an adrenaline rush. She’s not a hero, but it’s possible to see how TV viewers in a parallel universe could see her as one.)

Your thoughts on Fringe, or any of the numerous other debuts/returns I haven’t gotten to individually?