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True Blood Watch: Fractured Fairy Tales

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A little heads-up for the morning and the rest of the day: There was a hell of a lot of TV Sunday night—the VMAs, Rubicon, Mad Men, the season finales of HBO’s Hung, True Blood and Entourage—and I’ll have to get to what I can, when I can, especially since I need to get up at the crack of dawn for a non-blogging commitment. My review of Rubicon, which I saw in advance, will be up after the show’s West Coast airing. Mad Men, which will take some time as usual, will be later in the day. Everything else—we’ll see. But in the meantime here’s a quick post to get you started on True Blood.

After enjoying season 2 much more than 1, I fell out of interest a few episodes into season 3, and have only been watching the show often enough to keep up. So I won’t pretend to offer a comprehensive overview  (and no spoilers here), but in short, the finale underscored the sense I had throughout the season: that the group of characters had been fractured into so many separate, and not necessarily closely connected, storylines that it was as if half-a-dozen characters had been given spinoffs yet were all kept in the same timeslot. Sookie’s story (again, I won’t spoil it here) still intrigues me, but there was an awful lot to sit through to get there.

Still, fans who have stuck with the show more faithfully than I have—and there are a lot of you—may either see more cohesion in it than I do, or be less bothered by the multiplicity of storylines. So what did the fan base think of the season finale?