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NY AG Candidate Lands Crucial Roger Sterling Endorsement

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It’s a close attorney general race in tomorrow’s Democratic primary in New York, and candidate Kathleen Rice has brought out a big gun: college classmate John Slattery, or, as her ad identifies him, “Mad Men’s ‘Roger Sterling.'”

I’d make a joke about the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement, but hey, they did get me to embed this ad, didn’t they? So instead, let me say that the race is still on to secure the blessing of Christopher Stanley, whose Henry Francis (albeit a Republican) has much more of a handle on Albany politics, having fictionally worked for Gov. Nelson Rockefeller.

[By the way, as a firm believer in journalists disclosing their political votes, I should disclose that… I have no idea yet whom I’m voting for, if anyone, for attorney general. And had better figure it out soon.]