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Dead Tree Alert: Work of Art's Succes de Scandale

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I didn’t write the TV feature in the new print issue of TIME, but it’s good enough that I’d gladly take the credit: contributor and art blogger Carolina Miranda takes a look at Bravo’s Work of Art, as it’s received by other artists. The reviews are mixed:

[T]here’s been some sensitivity over how the show portrays artists. “We get so little representation in the larger culture,” says Jennifer Dalton, an artist in New York City whose installations examine how artists are perceived by society. “They’ve generally done a good job in showing people who look normal, showing that artists don’t all dress goth and act affected.” However, Dalton notes, the show still succumbs to clichés like that of “the tortured artist — Miles [Mendenhall] with his OCD” — or the brassy performance diva, Nao Bustamante.

Give me Top Chef any day, but I have to say the show has proven far more entertaining, involving and (to a layman) credible-seeming than I expected. Your verdicts?