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The Morning After: The Kindest Cut

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Spoilers for last night’s Bachelorette finale coming up:

The Bachelorette‘s Ali made her decision in the summer season finale last night, in a way that offered a little something for everyone. There was a rose for Roberto, who in turn got down on bended knee and pulled out an engagement ring, popping the box in such a way as to show off “NEIL LANE” for maximum visibility. (That took me back to my own engagement! I was so nervous about getting the product placement just right! Because you want it to be special!)

Runner-up beau Chris, on the other hand, got spared the humiliation of being rejected at the final rose ceremony as Ali told him beforehand—with 30 minutes left on the show’s clock—that she was in love with another. The greatest gift of all, however, went to ABC, which pretty much has a shoo-in ratings draw for its next Bachelor, assuming that it’s able to persuade nice-guy Chris to bring his tale of heartbreak and quest for The One back for another season. (In a post-game interview with Chris Harrison, he said that he was ready to find his soulmate, which in Bachelor-speak is a pretty strong hint that you’re ready to throw your hat in the ring.)

I’ve watched the current season only on and off, but the finale—in which each member of the final love triangle came off fairly likeable and there were no hard feelings—seemed like a much-needed palate cleanser for the franchise. The show was coming off the ugly public breakup and uglier TV reunion of Jake and Vienna from the earlier Bachelor—not to mention this season’s earlier fireworks as suitor Frank threw over Ali for an ex-girlfriend. (Frank, we were told, also bailed at the last minute from the promised confrontation in the post-rose special.) (More on Time.com: See our list of the top 10 overplayed wedding songs)

But was heartbreak, romance and an engagement amid ample product placements not enough for you? Well, then how about definitive proof of the afterlife? After his rejection by Ali, Chris—whose story of losing his mother was familiar to viewers—looked into the sunny sky above the gorgeous Hilton Bora Bora Nui (call your travel agent!) and saw a rainbow, where his mother had told him to look for her after she was gone.

Which suggests any of several possibilities (if we ignore the inconveniently boring explanation that there are just a lot of rainbows in French Polynesia). That we can, in fact, communicate with those beyond the grave. That ABC is able to control the sky. Or that God exists, and is a fan of The Bachelorette. I’m not sure which would upset my view of the cosmos most. You tell me: What does it meeeeeeeean?

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