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The Morning After: Cross(word)ing the Rubicon

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I haven’t entirely decided how I’m going to handle AMC’s new drama Rubicon on the blog; Sunday night / Monday morning is already busy with (besides print magazine deadlines) sister show Mad Men—and while I’m not a True Blood aficionado, HBO’s upcoming Boardwalk Empire is a definite contender for regular-post status.

In any event, since I devoted a lot of verbiage to the show’s premiere Friday, I’m going to give myself a bye and ask for your comments on last night’s airing of the pilot and second episode. As I’ve said, I’m drawn in by the show’s intrigue and atmosphere. If you’re not yet—and I know some viewers are finding the pace slow, though to me that’s a great corrective to thrillers like 24—try to give the series a shot at least until the fourth episode, easily the best of the four I watched in advance, and the one that really got me committed. Now: your classified analysis?