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The Morning After: Huge, Still Delivering Big

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The Morning After has been suffering somewhat over the summer, since I’m spending much of my TV time with shows that won’t be airing until fall. (HBO just sent six episodes of Boardwalk Empire. It had better be good.) So I often find myself catching up late with some of my current favorite summer shows: ABC Family’s new fat-camp dramedy Huge. (See here for my writeup when the show premiered.) I’m glad to say that it’s held up and even strengthened since the debut, proving itself refreshing not just for featuring non-emaciated body types in a teen series, but for the complexity of the dynamics between the characters. There are cliques, but no clear-cut good guys and bad guys, and beyond its surface theme—the tension between real obesity problems and dangerous body-image issues—it also functions as a kind of laboratory for social dynamics outside the normal bounds of high school.

I know we have some ABC Family viewers in Tuned Inland (there’s a healthy Greek contingent, for instance): have any of you camped out with Huge?