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Comic-Con Roundup: Chuck Vs. the Mom, Zombie Footage, Criminal Penmanship

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As Comic-Con disbands and the scent of snack food and vampire makeup fades from the streets of San Diego, a little more TV news, from TIME’s Techland blog and elsewhere:

* Some casting news from season 4 of Chuck, including Chuck’s mom and some names you’ve been seeing a lot in entertainment news lately. (No, not Mel Gibson.)

* Lev Grossman concludes his epic Guy Who Hates Comic-Con series.

* There’s a new (bootleg) trailer for AMC’s zombiefest The Walking Dead:

* Maureen Ryan has your Supernatural panel coverage, and then some, as well as more Chuck (a panel that Alan Sepinwall moderated and blogged about as well).

* Variety has an overview of TV’s increasing importance to SDCC.

* And finally, this is not TV-related per se, but it relates to a guy getting stabbed in the face with a pen over a seat at a panel.