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Shep Smith on the Media (Including Fox) and Sherrod

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I wrote yesterday about the electronic shark attack on Shirley Sherrod this week, and how a video of a 40-plus-minute speech, edited to cast her in the most racist possible light, exploded from conservative website BigGovernment.com to Fox News and much of the big media—all before the longer, exculpatory video came out Tuesday night.

Fair’s fair, though, and Fox News did not act in lockstep on this one. Yesterday afternoon, Fox anchor Shepard Smith noted that his own Studio B did not run the video—because they did not trust the source—and excoriated BigGovernment for publicizing the edited video, the Obama administration for booting Sherrod on the basis of it and the big media including Fox News for running with it.

Glynnis MacNicol of Mediaite pulled the extraordinary video; it’s worth watching.