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The Morning After: That Which Is Not American Idol Edition

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It was a hard night for any show that did not involve young people paired up with aging singers. But American Idol’s ratings, while still enviable, have been on the decline, so somebody had to have been watching something else. Perhaps it was you! Any Criminal Minds partisans in Tuned Inland? (Ah, Paget Brewster—how sad you still make me for Andy Richter Controls the Universe.)

On a related note, last night ended the 2009-10 TV season. Obviously TV “seasons” matter less and less now, but summer still does mean fewer of the original series I cover regularly, which means I have a little more time to do some sampling. What are your summer cable favorites that you’re looking forward to? Or your there’s-really-nothing-on-but-I-need-to-flip-the-channel-and-watch-something standbys?