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The Morning After: Repeat Feline

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I’ve been hearing for a while now from fans of Cougar Town that the show has become much better than you would have thought, initially, from seeing the title. Or watching the show. Alan Sepinwall, who’s been a big advocate of the show, recently interviewed Bill Lawrence about the show and the possibility of changing its ill-advised title.

Personally, I’ve checked back on the show on and off since it’s been on the air, and I haven’t seen the renaissance. Though I guess the show has moved up a notch for me, into the category of Shows I Wouldn’t Entirely Mind If They Were Playing on an Airplane During a Long Flight. And last night’s episode gave me the first genuinely big laugh I remember getting from it, as Courtney Cox’s character Jules saw a picture of her, from her high-school yearbook, dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen (which Cox actually did in the video for Dancing in the Dark).

Are you watching? And have you forgiven Cougar Town its title?