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Idol Watch: Fighting the Inevitable

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Spoilers for last night’s American Idol elimination after the jump:

Michael Lynche was saved once on American Idol, but last night, like a resurrected character on Lost, perished again. It was a more or less expected elimination. Chris Daughtry, eliminated in the fourth round his own season, was there on hand, as if to say: Let go. You’ll be OK. Go to the light.

Tune in next week, when the musical theme will be: Casey James Totally Gets Eliminated! Seriously, I enjoy Casey, but I can’t imagine anyone, himself included maybe, sees him getting in the way of a Lee-Crystal final.

But maybe we could make it interesting. Herewith, a few suggested theme categories that would give Casey a fighting chance:

* Guitar Instrumental Week. It’s shut-up-and-play-your guitar week on Idol as guest mentor Yngwie Malmsteen leads the contestants—forbidden to sing—in an Idol shred-off!

* Southern Rock Week. To be honest, I’m not sure Casey could take Lee and Crystal in this category even. But I do so want to see him whip out his slide and play ZZ Top’s “Tush” one time before this is all over.

* The Bachelorette: American Idol Edition Week. Two spots remain in the season 9 finale—but to win them, contestants will have to get a rose from judge Kara Dio Guardi, after taking her on the dream date of her life!

* Josh Holloway Lookalike Week. Need I say more?

Yeah—sigh—Casey’s going home. Anyone want to make a case against it?