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Lost's Music Man

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For a TV show with such a vast, sprawling plot, expansive visuals and everything-but-the-Dharma-sink philosophy, Lost is also distinguished as a show with not much in the way of main-title theme music. (It has more of a theme note, or sound, or something.) But it’s certainly not a show without music, and in this week’s New Yorker, music critic Alex Ross takes a fascinating look at Michael Giacchino, the composer for Lost (who just won an Oscar for Up), the man whose eerie tones and bold scores—”from the harshly dissonant to the plaintively lyrical”—help give Lost its sense of action, creepiness and emotion.

Take a peek here, although a subscription is required to read the whole thing. One thing I really admire about the piece, as someone who’s been working on Lost stuff for the print TIME: it summarizes the premise of the show (in a way) in one lead paragraph.