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Tuned Inland Poll: Comedy Night (Reviews) Done Right

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A little housekeeping question about my morning-after reviews of Thursday night’s comedies. Now that NBC is in the position of having four good (or at least worth reviewing) sitcoms on Thursday night, I recently ditched the practice of doing longer separate reviews of one or two, and instead have been doing a picture gallery of all four, with paragraph-length mini-reviews of each. I like the clean look, it makes the writing quicker (though the formatting takes longer) and thus enables me to cover all four at once. I got good comments on the change once I started doing it. On the other hand, there are fewer comments (though not necessarily less traffic) on the gallery reviews, as opposed to standalone reviews like Lostwatch or HIMYM Watch. So I wonder if the format discourages commenting, or if there’s another problem.

So I ask you: do you like this format, or do you prefer the older longer reviews? Before you answer: I’m generally too busy to do longer writeups of four different comedies (plus finding and formatting art, etc.), so if I drop the gallery reviews, I won’t be reviewing all four comedies every week–maybe only one or two. So you may not get your review of Community, 30 Rock or The Office any given week. (Parks and Rec is my reigning favorite, so I imagine I’d write about it most often.)

[Update: Because this came up when I asked on Twitter—doing longer reviews within the gallery format is not really a practical option, even if I have time. It’s a WordPress and blog-design issue; they’re technically captions, and I can’t nicely format paragraphs.]

I’m already set up to do a picture gallery for tomorrow. But going ahead, what do you say? Pretty pictures or more boring words? More shorter reviews or fewer but longer ones? Or if you don’t care, feel free to tell me that. I can take it.