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Lostwatch Audio: Talking "Happily Ever After"

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I guested this week on the “Orientation: Ryan Station” podcast with Ryan McGee and Maureen Ryan to talk about the Desmond-centric “Happily Ever After.” It’s my second time this season, the second one having been “Dr. Linus,” so I must be good luck.

The way it works: the Ryans and I sync Lost on our home screens, hit Play, and talk over the show, DVD-commentary style (with a certain amount of extra blather over the commercial breaks). So if you like, you can watch the episode from Hulu, above, while playing the podcast, below. Expect lots of talk about what the flash-sideways means now, callbacks and name references, free will, and the amazing thespian eyes of Henry Ian Cusick. (Best Acting Eyes, comedy division, of course goes to Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation.)

Enjoy! And I hope I didn’t swear too much. Or too little.