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The Morning After: The Trouble With Tuesdays

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It’s getting to the point where Tuesday needs its own week. American Idol and Lost being Tuned In mainstays, watching and blogging them take up the whole night (and, depending on my energy level and loquaciousness, into Wednesday morning). I’m still watching Justified, The Good Wife, Parenthood and V (pretty much in that order), but I generally don’t get to watching them until later in the week (let alone blogging about them). And once Glee returns next week—forget about it.

I did, however, watch this week’s Justified well in advance. I loved Alan Ruck’s guest appearance, although, as I wrote way back in my original review, this episode had a lighter, more Get Shorty tone that seemed a bit of a departure. (It may have been the L.A. setting.) Next week’s episode, which returns to Justified’s more serial elements, is the best since the pilot.

Anyway, consider this your place to discuss any Tuesday TV that is not Lost or Idol. If I find something especially blogworthy, I may come back to these shows later, but more likely I’ll be sleeping.