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While I Was Out

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I’m back from staycation, and big thanks to Steven James Snyder for going above and beyond the call with a wide-ranging series of guest posts last week, on top of his work at Techland. But party’s over now, kids—it’s back to your regularly scheduled half-assed mediocrity with yours truly. Here’s some of what I missed in TV:

* John Forsythe, voice of Charlie on Charlie’s Angels and suave patriarch Blae Carrington on Dynasty, died.

* 24 officially called it a day.

* Modern Family gave the iPad seven figures’ worth of free media—because God knows Apple is hard up for publicity—without charging a dime for it.

* Jay Leno says he and Conan O’Brien both got screwed.

* And Charlie Sheen (maybe) wanted to leave Two and a Half Men, potentially leaving the sitcom to cast a new rake. If only David Duchovny weren’t spoken for!