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Report: Sarah Palin to Fix Television

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For a woman who has so many issues with TV series and hosts, Sarah Palin is becoming awfully active in the industry. The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate turned Fox News contributor is now, according to Entertainment Weekly, teaming up with Survivor producer Mark Burnett to pitch a reality show about Alaska.

It’s not clear what the show would be, should it come to pass; EW variously describes it as a “docudrama” and as a “Planet Earth” type series, which indicate two different styles of show. Maybe the concept is, “we’ll produce a reality show with Sarah Palin’s name attached and figure out the concept later.” But it would help to cement the status of Palin’s home state—home of Deadliest Catch and Tougher in Alaska, for instance—as the only legitimate challenger to New Jersey as America’s number-one reality-television state.

It also may indicate that, despite Palin’s disparaging references to “Fox Hollywood” in her feud with Family Guy, feelings between her and Fox News’ sister network are not that strained; she reportedly visited American Idol while on her L.A. visit.