Tuned In

Programming Note

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Photo by cdrummbks http://www.flickr.com/photos/cdrummbks/3913015824/ Reproduced under Creative Commons license.

I’m on vacation next week. Oh, come on—it’s the Winter Olympics. You really wanted to come here and read me blogging about curling? I’m not going anywhere—I’ll be hanging out with the Tuned In Jrs., who are off school, getting snowballs thrown at me, &c.—so really it’s more a vacation for you than for me.

Tuned In will still be here, though. Because of its immense popularity last time around (i.e., no one complained too vocally to my editors), we will again wheel out Robo-James’ Time Machine, in which your pre-programmed cybernetic blogger will be serving up daily video clips and posts about TV past. I’ll also put up a Lostwatch, at least, and the occasional other post as time and my-wanting-to permit.

Now, everybody cover your ears: Robo-James needs to start up the time machine, which means smacking a rock against just a teeny hydrogen bomb…