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TV Tonight: Important Things and, Ahem, Extra Things

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OK, guys, enough with the comedy on Thursday nights. I’m serious. It’s getting ridiculous.

First NBC nailed down its comedy block with the additions of Parks and Recreation and stronger-every-episode Community. Then FX added animated spy comedy Archer. Now Comedy Central has scheduled the third season of The Sarah Silverman Program and the second of Important Things with Demetri Martin.

At this point I’m glad The Jay Leno Show isn’t funny. And they’re taking it away from me!

I haven’t yet watched my screener of the new episode of Martin’s show, but I really enjoyed his angular, dry humor last season and will be catching up. As for Silverman, the first new episode is an all-star, in which our heroine becomes convinced that she was born a hermaphrodite, and grows a mustache to match. (Which she’s already proven she can wear handsomely.)

It’s not going to win over the many dissenters I’ve heard from who think Silverman’s humor is too juvenile and shocking-for-shock’s sake. But within three seconds of hearing the underrated Laura Silverman (Sarah’s actual sister) begin angelically crooning “The Baby Penis in Your Mind” (above), I was breaking up. Sarah Silverman has developed a true ensemble show, as whimsical and good-hearted as it is occasionally gross. It’s good to have her, or him, back.