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Murdoch Go-Go on CoCo, If He Can Bring the Dough-Dough

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It’s been a while since we’ve done an update on the aftermath of the Jaypocalypse, the next act of which remains seeing where Conan O’Brien ends up next. The latest news is—well, no news, but News Corp head Rupert Murdoch commented on it briefly in an earnings conference call this week. Fox has not had serious talks with Conan, but would hire him “in a flash”—if it could be persuaded it could turn a profit on the show.

Which pretty much amounts to a nonstatement: Fox wants to sign up Conan, provided that Fox decides it wants to sign up Conan.

In the meantime, sounds like it will be crunching the numbers. Of course, even if Fox does end up interested in a Conan show, it would behoove the network, salary-negotiation-wise, to show some public skepticism on the potential of the show. My guess would have to be that Fox would not be offering Tonight Show-scale money in any event.