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Happy Lost Day!

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It’s finally here! The most joyous day on Tuned In’s calendar! And you know what that means: Time to lay down some severe rules.

Just kidding. Kind of. But as you may have heard, the first hour of Lost, screened by ABC for a select group over the weekend, has leaked out on YouTube, as screenings do. Tuned Inlanders are generally good about this, but just a reminder: we shall not discuss spoilers, we shall not reference them, we shall act as though they don’t exist.

I’ll be posting my review of tonight’s premiere either tonight after it finishes or in the morning. (Last season I made an effort to get up posts night-of, but I find Tuned In is more of a diurnal than nocturnal crowd traffic- and comment-wise.)

Going forward, I’m going to have a crunch on Tuesdays, because my corporate paymasters are going to want me to review American Idol performances first. I know, I know. But I’ll still be doing Lostwatch, the morning after if necessary.

That business out of the way—what are you looking forward to most?