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Programming Note; Also, Did Life Unexpected Meet Expectations?

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The CW

No, I am not going on vacation again. But for the next few days or so, I need to go to ground and focus on a king-sized assignment for the print magazine, which means blogging here will be a little lighter than usual.

I’ll still be posting, there’ll be no Robo-James and should Conan challenge Jay to a duel, I’ll be all over it. But for the rest of the week, I may have to skimp on a few of Tuned In’s regular Watches (last night’s How I Met Your Mother? Funny! Liked it! Moving on!) and on reviews of the various midseason debuts that are hitting the air.

For instance, last night’s Life Unexpected on The CW.

Short version: enjoyable dramedy, with shades of Gilmore Girls, that I might have enjoyed more if it hadn’t been built up so much by overenthusiastic advance praise (because it actually is no Gilmore Girls, not yet). Also, the next couple of episodes feature some of the most unrealistic portrayals of “troubled” street/foster kids that I’ve seen outside of kids’ shows, which undercuts the dramatic stakes.

Still, a charming, often funny show that I’ll keep an eye on. And that’s all I have time for! Your thoughts?