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The Morning After: Two-and-a-Half-to-Three Men

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I won’t re-review last night’s Men of a Certain Age and am not sure if I’m adding it to the regular Watch rotation yet, but thought I’d put up a post for your comments and thoughts. In retrospect, I’m not sure whether I’m more impressed at Ray Romano’s dramatic acting or André Braugher’s comedic acting; actors get more credit for the former transition, but the latter is probably tougher.

Of course it helps that Braugher’s light turn here involves a character who’s grounded in real and serious problems (career regrets, father issues, health problems); and, conversely, Romano gets plenty of light moments to leaven his sad-sack character. What did you think of the debut?

Or, if you prefer your aging-roué comedy more straight-up, you can discuss Two and a Half Men, which I caught the last night for the first time in quite a while. And all I have to say is: the older Charlie Sheen gets, the more often I catch myself thinking, “Why is President Bartlet arguing with that hot chick in bed?”