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Palin Was Against SNL Before She Was For It

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As we get ready for Sarah Palin’s interview with Oprah Winfrey (4 p.m. here in NYC), Oprah.com has posted some outtakes from the interviews. It includes her thoughts on Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live’s treatment of her; the McCain campaign, she says, resisted letting her go on SNL, for fear the appearance would be “atrocious.” But Palin, rogue that she is, pushed to go on the show: “I thought it would be fun.”

It’s an interesting bit. But wait, there’s another bonus! Thanks to the Huffington Post and the McCain campaign, you can also read the actual e-mails she sent the McCain staff! In which it turns out she said exactly the opposite of the thing she’s claiming now!

Per the acutal emails, the McCain camp encouraged Palin to go on the show and prove that she could “laugh at [herself].” But Palin—who’s also long maintained that she watched Fey’s skits with the volume off—was annoyed with how SNL had portrayed her family and initially wanted no part of it. “These folks are whack,” she wrote. “What’s the upside in giving them any [sic] celebrity venue a ratings boost?”

Yeah, but who are you going to believe? Sarah Palin or Sarah Palin?