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The Morning After: Flash News

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Acting on the advice of a commenter here a while ago, I am committing to the practice of saving myself time and simply watching the last five minutes of any given FlashForward, at least until and if the series shows some improvement. Thus it’s not really fair for me to review the show per se, but I did—looking on the bright side—at least like last week’s suggestion that the flashforwards do not have to play out.

Granted, it kind of, um, destroys the premise of the show, but if this means that 50% of any given episode no longer consists of arguments about whether every action we are watching is pointless because the outcome is predestined (kind of a problem if you actually want viewers to care about anything that happens before April 29), it may be worth it. Those of you who bit the bullet and watched more than five minutes of this week’s, what do you say?