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Mad Men Finale: Programming Note

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Mad Men‘s third-season finale airs Sunday night, and because of Matthew Weiner’s understandable desire for secrecy, it’ll be the first episode of the season critics won’t be seeing in advance. So I’ll be watching on plain, old-fashioned TV, like the little people do.

What does this mean for my post-show reviewing? I may end up doing what I do with Lost, stay up late and knock out a post overnight. However, I’d rather be happy with my post than be first, so I may hold off until the morning. (Historically, Tuned In gets much more traffic on this kind of post in the morning than overnight, and I’m usually ambivalent about posting before the show airs on the West Coast anyway.)

Shorter version: It’ll get done when it gets done. Complaints? Allow me to direct you to my policy statement.

Update: The review is posted!