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The Morning After: Long Arm of the Law

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It took me most of last season to really get into Sons of Anarchy, but this fall’s season 2 of the biker-gang drama has really found, as it were, a higher gear. So I apologize again that other work is keeping from doing a longer write-up again. (On a related note: I got a review screener for season 4 of Friday Night Lights and am realizing that, compared with strike-marred 2008, narrowing down my best-TV list for this season to only 10 shows is going to be tough.) But rather than make you wait, after last night’s intense episode—I’ll spare the spoilers—I’ll turn the discussion over to you.

Also, for those of you who refer less leathery 10 p.m. dramas, how do you think The Good Wife is holding up after four weeks? (I’m an episode behind; week 3 was the first that I felt was starting to slip into using some hoary law-procedural conventions—like the melodramatic “Ob-jec-tion!” from a lawyer rattled by surprise evidence—but I’m still enjoying it.) And is there anybody out there who watches both shows?