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The Morning After: Second Flash

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Still working my way through my Thursday-night TV backlog, with a thing or two else on my plate, so I’ll open the floor to your thoughts on the second FlashForward and/or the second Fringe of the season. As I mentioned last week, FlashForward intrigued me, but I didn’t actually like its writing or characters enough to move it to the top of my must-watch list. Many of you disagreed, though, so how did the second episode change your impressions? Does this show have a bright future in six months?

Update: OK, watched it. Not much changed my impression of the pilot, other than a couple welcome flashes of humor. I’m still curious about [spoilery things discussed in the last 15 minutes redacted], but I can see this becoming for me something like Invasion or Jericho—a show I watch strictly for the plot, but don’t feel compelled to watch until I have spare time. Until and unless the writing improves, don’t expect Flash Forward Watches on Fridays.