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Jenny Slate's SN F-in' L Debut

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New Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate made a splash in her debut on last night’s SNL premiere, letting slip the above F-bomb in a skit with Kristen Wiig. Could it have been a publicity stunt? One never knows, though her facial reaction suggests it was an old-fashioned you-know-what-up. (With which I can sympathize. The soundtrack in my head any time I do a live radio or TV interview is a steady loop of: Please don’t swear, please don’t swear…)

There shouldn’t be legal repercussions in any case, since FCC’s profanity regulations cover the swath from daytime through primetime, when children can reasonably be assumed to be awake; after hours, it’s a matter of what network standards and practices, affiliates and advertisers will permit. In any case, Slate is not the first to do thus on SNL. After the jump, take a ride back to 1981 with then-SNL-er Charles Rocket, star of the show’s Who Shot J.R.? parody: